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School Holiday Event: ART CAMP 2014

June 30 - July 4

  • Sand Sculpture
  • Temporary Tattoo
  • Bottle Art
  • Mural
  • Painting in Dancing
  • Fall Leaves Art
  • Puppet Shadow
  • Framing and Photo Session
  • Making and Playing Kite
  • Yoga 
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Team Building
  • Attractive Games
Mr. Darius Leki
Mr. Aris John
Ms. Prenny Arsianty
Ms. Ni Luh Gina
Ms. Pritha
Photographer: Bagus Irawan & Elisabeth Hetty

Art & craft programs: Darius Leki & Elisabeth Hetty
Nature, culture, and field trip activities programs: Elisabeth Hetty


Balinese Culture: Penjor and Canang Sari

Recycled: Light Shade

Fall Leaves Art

Making Kites

Paper Mask

Framing and Photo Session


Painting in Dancing

Recycled: Bottle Art


Sand Sculpture at Batubolong Beach, Canggu

Yoga at Batubolong Beach, Canggu

Playtime: Traditional Kids Toys from East Timor

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School Holiday Event: ART Camp 2018

“What comes from the heart, goes to the heart.”  (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)
ART CAMP 2018June 18 - 29 (ages 6-10) July    2 - 6   (ages 11-16)
Location: Sunrise School Bali, Kerobokan.

Art & Craft
Mentor: Darius Leki, Aris Dwipermana, Made Sutha

Balinese Culture:
Mentor: Ni Nengah Sinaryati, a Balinese woman from Tabanan

Sport and Games:
swimming, yoga, soccer, outdoor games

Mentor: Ni Luh Ayu Sriningsih (Science Teacher at Sunrise School)
(doing science experimental in the laboratory)

Mentor: Agus Budiarsa (IT Teacher at Sunrise School Bali)

Field Trip

Art & craft programs: Darius Leki & Elisabeth Hetty Nature, culture, and field trip activities programs: Elisabeth Hetty

Artland Bali in collaboration with SLB Negeri 2 Denpasar and BALI CIRCUS in ART CAMP 2018 at SUNRISE SCHOOL, Jl. Merthasari, Banjar Pengubengan Kauh, Kerobokan.

Kids ages 6-10: 18-29 June 2018
Teens ages 11-16: 2-6 July 2018

SLB Negeri 2 Denpasar is a special needs school for deaf childr…

School Holiday Event: ART Camp + Tour 2016

ART CAMP + Tour 2016
1st week: June 20-24
2nd week: June 27 - July 1

In this 3rd camp, the main program is to encourage children to love art, nature and other people. We will teach children to explore techniques and different media in painting, and produce more functional craft.
Direct observation is very important when creating artwork. So, we will bring children to several locations in Bali, twice in a week:

Learning and do some artworks with some of Balinese artists (Kids Mask Artistsat Desa Tegallalang Ubud and Egg'sPainting Artistsat Gianyar) will make children appreciate more on art, exploring new things, and most importantly they will learn to not give up when encountering difficulties in the artwork.
Visiting and do some yoga poses with professional instructor at Intuitive Flow Yoga Studio, Ubud will give children a good experience.
Visiting cytrus farm at Desa Taro, Ubud and organic cocoa farm at Desa Cau, Tabanan will have children experience and more familiar with natural col…

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